The Hi-Life Companion don’t play live very often but, it has to be said, when they do it usually turns out to be quite an occasion.

“On the night before what was to be Bristol’s coldest Easter since 1963, indie-pop lovers united to take part in another Big Pink Cake Night…the HLC had a song about maths featuring glockenspiel and handclaps – can’t say feyer than that. But this Bristol seven-piece also harmonized divinely, adding accents of organ and violin, a deep-voiced guitarist and good humour.” Venue Magazine, March 2008



So far, The Hi-Life Companion have played..




13th December 2014, Betsey Trotwood London, Big Pink Cake Christmas party

6th September 2014, Cafe Kino Bristol

3rd October 2009, The Mother’s Ruin, Bristol

9th August 2009, The Louisiana, Bristol

12th April 2008, The Wunderbar Midsomer Norton

22nd March 2008, The Hatchet Bristol




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