Our Years In The Wilderness (No Pudding Annie Records)


Brockweir House
Meet Me At The Pier
I Served On Ships
The Hole In The Fence
Raise An Army
These Last Remaining Days
Old Bristol Road
Dark Heart
Our Years In The Wilderness
Cast You Down
the album will also be available as a digital download from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon etc
Say Yes! (Plastilina Records) CD released November 2010

Hi-Life Theme
Times Table
Night Comes Down
You’re The Greatest
One Man Team
Lay Your Head Down
Fifty Thousand Acres of Wide Open Space
Say Yes
The Girl In The Gorilla Suit
In Your Heart, A Cathedral
also available NOW as a digital download from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon etc:

You’re The Greatest appears on Plastilina Records ‘Has My Heart Gone To Sleep?’ compilation CD available from

3-Track CDR Single (Cloudberry Records)

Times Table
You’re The Greatest
Night Comes Down

Night Comes Down appears on Big Pink Cake’s ‘Piece of Cake’ compilation CD, available from

King & Country appears on The Beautiful Music’s ‘All Those Times We Spent Together’ A Tribute To The Television Personalities – Volume 3 CD available from

Brockweir Winter Reverie appears on Cherryade Records ‘A Very Cherry Christmas’ CD available from Amazon, iTunes etc.

Jeanie Janus appears on A Good Crop,  Vol 1 of the 4-volume digital download set Eardrums Autumn Compilation 2008, available from

New Cold Star appears on the Series Two 4CD compilation Vol 4, available from
Take A Leap At The Sun is available on the WeePOP 7-track CDR compilation ‘Spring Forward’

Winter 2-track CD – available from, well, us, if you ask nicely…
Brockweir Winter Reverie
Senor Perris

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